How to apply to attend CRMSS Pacific 2024

How to apply

Applications for CRMSS Pacific 2024 are not yet open. We are still finalising some details of the course and will open applications once they're confirmed. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and ask any questions you might have!

Supporting Material

If you have attended a CRMSS course before, you do not need to submit supporting material with your application.

For singers who will be submitting supporting material, we will need:

The recordings do not need to be professionally made and don't require accompaniment. You may submit video or audio files, and there is an option to give us a link to material that may already be online. You can also upload material you make anywhere online and share it with us.

You can submit small media files directly to us (smaller than 50Mb) through our upload page by using the "Upload supporting material" button above. For bigger files, please get in touch with us directly.

If you already have a recording of yourself that you like please do submit that. You don't need to make a new recording just for this application.

The two letters of reference should come from a conductor, singing teacher, or other musician in your life who knows you and who can give us an idea of your ability and experience. They should contain information about your sight-reading ability and your familiarity and experience with performing Renaissance music, and making ensemble music more generally. Your referees can submit their letters of reference to us directly or they can give them to you and you can send them to us.

At present, instrumentalists (who are strongly encouraged to get in touch and apply!) need not submit supporting material with an application.