How to apply to attend CRMSS Pacific 2024

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How to apply

The application deadline for CRMSS Pacific 2024 was Wednesday, May 1st 2024.

We have extended our application period for instrumentalists. Applications from players are still being accepted.

If you are a singer and would still like to apply, please get in touch with us.

Click on the "CRMSS Pacific 2024 Application Form" button above and our online application form will open in a new browser tab. You can then give us all the information we need and submit your application, all online.

There is only one application form for CRMSS Pacific 2024, suitable for both singers and instrumentalists.

If you have attended any CRMSS course in the past, please use the same application form as everyone else. As we already know a bit about you, however, the form will not ask you some of the questions. If you have attended in the past as a singer and wish to participate this year as an instrumentalist, or vice versa, please get in touch with us directly once you have completed the application form and let us know.

Supporting Material

If you have attended a CRMSS course before, or you are applying as an instrumentalist, you do not need to submit supporting material with your application.

For Singers new to CRMSS:

Singers applying to come to a CRMSS course for the first time will need to submit supporting material with their application. We need:

The recordings do not need to be professionally made and don't require accompaniment. You may submit video or audio files, and there is an option to give us a link to material that may already be online. You can also upload material you make anywhere online and share it with us.

You can submit small media files directly to us (smaller than 40Mb) through our upload page by using the "Upload supporting material" button above. For bigger files, please get in touch with us directly.

If you already have a recording of yourself that you like please do submit that. You don't need to make a new recording just for this application.

The two letters of reference should come from a conductor, singing teacher, or other musician in your life who knows you and who can give us an idea of your ability and experience. They should contain information about your sight-reading ability and your familiarity and experience with performing Renaissance music, and making ensemble music more generally. Your referees can submit their letters of reference to us directly or they can give them to you and you can send them to us.

The "Upload supporting material" button above takes you to our CRMSS Supporting Material upload page, where you can directly upload your recordings and letters of reference. Your referees (teachers, conductors, etc) may upload supporting material themselves, on your behalf, using this same page ( They can also email us directly by using, either attaching material to an email or writing a letter of reference in the body of an email.


For Singers

The course fees for singers to participate in our CRMSS 2024 courses are:

Full Price


Student Rate


We pride ourselves on keeping the fee absolutely as low as possible while offering a world-class experience.

The fee for singers covers more than 50 hours of ensemble and individual coaching over the course of 8 days, participation in lectures and panel discussions led by our resident musicologist tutors, attendance and participation in masterclasses, private recitals, church services, and public concerts, and much more.

Participants at all our CRMSS courses are welcome to keep the scores they use, many of which will be newly edited specifically for each course.

We ask successful applicants who are singers to secure their place on a course by providing a deposit, a portion of the entire course fee. This will be counted against the total course fee, the remainder of which will be due later.

The deposit of $200 is due as soon as you receive confirmation from us that your application as a singer has been successful. We aim to send out our acceptance letters a few weeks after the course's application deadline, Wednesday, May 1st 2024. The remainder of the fee is due a few weeks before the course begins and the precise date will be give to you by email.

Once fees are paid, CRMSS reserves the right to limit any refund, taking into account the individual circumstances of a participant's cancellation.

For Instrumentalists

Keyboard players


Viol players




If you apply as an instrumentalist, your fees are due as soon as you receive your acceptance letter from us in early May 2024.

In certain circumstances, we can arrange a payment plan for instrumentalists. Please let us know once you've received your acceptance letter if you would like to explore this.

More information can be found on the CRMSS Pacific 2024 course description page.