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This page contains information relevant to our 2023 courses, including instructions on how to apply to attend. This information is out of date and will be updated shortly.

Course location details for both CRMSS Ontario 2024 and CRMSS Pacific 2024 will be posted here soon, along with update information about how to apply to come to either or both courses.

You can of course contact us at any time by using our web form here or clicking on 'Write to us' below.

CRMSS 2023 Course Locations

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CRMSS Pacific 2023

St. Helen's Parish in Burnaby, BC

CRMSS Ontario 2023

Huron University College in London, ON

St. Peter's Seminary in London, ON

St. Paul's Cathedral in London, ON

Apply to come to the 2023 Canadian Renaissance Music Summer Schools

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Applications for both CRMSS Pacific 2023 and CRMSS Ontario 2023 are now closed.

If you're interested in applying to come to a CRMSS course in 2024, below is a description of the process.

The application process has two parts:

You can do all of this online, starting from this page, by using the buttons below.

Once you fill in the online application form, we'll get in contact with you and help you through the rest of your application. You don't need to upload your supporting material at the same time as you fill in the form.

If you have attended any previous CRMSS course you do not need to resubmit supporting material. You will also complete a shorter application form.

The application process for CRMSS Pacific 2023 was slightly different from the one for CRMSS Ontario 2023. Please click below for more detailed information.

CRMSS Pacific 2023 Application Information CRMSS Ontario 2023 Application Information

Write to us

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If you'd just like to get in touch with us with a question, please use the form below.



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