A Greeting from our Patron

Peter Phillips

Director of The Tallis Scholars

Below is the greeting we received from Peter before we had to cancel 2020's course. He has been kept informed of our plans to restart the course this year and maintains a keen interest in our activities.

Expect more from Peter in the coming weeks!

Applications for CRMSS 2021 are now open and if you would like more information, please get in touch.

The Canadian Renaissance Music Summer School continues to grow!

After another successful course in May 2019, the last few months have seen Greg working hard behind the scenes to put CRMSS on a firmer footing for the long term and I have followed his progress closely.

CRMSS is now a federally registered non profit organisation in Canada, and a Board of Directors has been appointed. This represents Greg’s commitment to making CRMSS thrive in the future.

Greg and I have regularly discussed his long term plans for the course (on one notable occasion late into the night in Àvila, Spain, in the shadow of the cathedral where Tomas Luis de Victoria was a boy chorister) and his passion and determination to get this right; stand up for the music we both love; and bring its joy and power to Canadian singers is a delight to see.

I think some of the changes planned for 2020, the course’s third year, are big steps in the right direction: forging links with UK-based students, bringing in more tutors, and a tighter repertoire focus. For those who have been to CRMSS before, you will notice improvements. If you haven’t been able to attend so far, now is your chance!

It was during the third year of the summer course I used to run with other members of The Tallis Scholars, held in a small town in England, where Greg and I first met. He impressed me then as an energetic, if slightly mad, 18-year-old Renaissance polyphony zealot, and over the years he has become a valued contributor to the world of this music. With CRMSS, Greg continues to fly the flag for Renaissance music in Canada.

It’s a great pleasure to continue to support CRMSS.

Peter Phillips
Director, The Tallis Scholars

Peter Phillips' greeting from 2019 Peter Phillips' greeting from 2018